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If you are reading this, you’ll be using any technological device which means that you are part of a technological world. 

This whole community includes gamers, students, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and many more and this entire community is growing worldwide at an exponential rate.

Gaming, the field in which every age group is involved, especially young and adults. This gaming industry has become a full and adventurous market place which shows and develop new ways to grow.

About us

You come home from a tiring day and to relax your head towards your TV launch. You open up a TV and have thousands of TV channels, TV shows and movies to watch. Isn’t that an immense satisfaction?

Likewise, hardcore gamers are very passionate about games, and smooth gaming experience means a lot to them. Popular games like League of Legends, DOTA, Grand theft Auto (GTA), FIFA and many more games have been on top of the list in recent years.

To make that secure and enhancing gaming experience, professional’s gamers often invest in gadgets and resources. These resources and devices are high-end laptops, high-end monitors, graphics card, pedals, gaming wheels, latest gaming consoles are needed to make the right choice when investing in these cool gadgets.

This is the reason for the existence of Techloguide and team.  Techloguide and crew are always there for you to give you the best advice on gadgets based on technology such as gaming consoles, gaming PC, laptops, smart TVs etc. We also write informative articles to increase your knowledge.

Stephen Howken (AG)

Stephen Howken (AG)


It’s me Stephen Hawken (AG) software engineer from the united states of America. A pro lover of Technology and tech gadget.

AG Love to write about Technology gadgets and gears. The Main Purpose of starting techloguide is to provide quality stuff to visitors and give a comparison of different tech products.

We here working as a group to provide 100% Realistic reviews to our visitors.

Apart from Technology, AG is into Digital Marketing and web designing too and he also loves to play Cricket. (Attacking Bowler is the position.)


Anayat Khan

Content Manager

Anayat is into gaming for the past 7 years and loves technology gadgets by heart. It is the love and dedication which make him write all these blogs and articles to make your way easy.

His passion for gaming lets him came across and guide others to buy the best from a vast array of gaming products.

His gaming experience is a good help for those who are new to gaming. He puts his knowledge in the right and proper place to advise others.

Apart from gaming, Anayat is into coding and web designing too and he also loves to play football (Attacking is the position.)


Our Goal

As our website says. We are crazy about technology and gaming. Enthusiast gamers are highly concerned about the best technological gadgets for them which make takes their gaming experience to another level. Since the gaming industry is growing and developing day by day, the electrifying gaming experience can only be put together when you are fully equipped with modern gaming equipment.

We are a team of gamers who are also crazy about tech gadgets; this team of players has vast accumulated gaming experience in different kinds of environment. We write blogs for thousands of latest technology-based devices so that you can make the right choice when making a purchase.

Our informative articles section is also a great help to gamers which help in increasing the knowledge of both hardcore gamers and newbies gamers.

Our Story

This all begins with Owais and web developer and Nehal a professional gamer who shares the mutual passion of gaming and web developing and that road leads them here.

The love of gaming and tech gadgets for founder and content managers is the main thing which is holding the bond between regular buyers and techloguide.com

Many people have reported bad experiences with bad gaming gadget, or maybe they just picked up the wrong stuff. To make that right, we are here with the expert reviews on almost every gadget.

The founder aimed to build a website which helps the gamers and newbies that provide ease to people in making the correct purchase, whether it is a gaming product or home electronic like TV.

Why are our Recommendations helpful?

Well, everyone learns by mistakes it’s a universal fact, but with us, you don’t get to make that mistake because we will recommend you the best buy for you.

Our recommendations can help you in purchasing the right product for you. Not that only we try our level best to write detailed articles (where needed), so you get to see the full details of what you are going to buy.

Our articles include all kind of information and detailed facts about specific products and pros and cons too so you will be confident about what are you going to get.

Product testing

How we test? Well, that’s an important question.

Every product mentioned on our website goes through multiple testing phases. This numerous testing phase makes sure that the product gets checked by every detail and from every aspect.

Firstly, our professionals use the gadget under their own experience so that they become able to make a final judgment. Whether it is a TV or any gaming product, every product is tested thoroughly to its potential and especially the features the company claims.

We believe in gathering of various sights and then taking views of those people on that particular product, So the testing product is not only done by our experts they are also checked by other gamers too.


We just don’t only put the details in front of eyes, but we also reveal some facts, tips and tricks.

A product can be used in multiple ways and can provide better results, and that’s why we explore deep by which you get to know new means by which you can enhance our gaming experience.

Our website includes some resourceful tips that will transform your gaming experience to another level and keep you coming back to our website 😉

No, hide and seek

It is first in our policy that we put everything right in front of your eyes regarding any product.

Every detail matter and that’s why we show all the cool features and flaws of products. So you don’t have to go through that regret phase.

When it comes to making a purchase, we make sure that you get to know all the things about a product that you should know and that’s why we dig deep in reading the customer reviews of that product. In this way, our users expect complete facts about genuine products for the smooth gaming experience.

Affiliation with Amazon.com

Our site is affiliated with Amazon.com, but that doesn’t mean that you will cost extra commission charges. But let me assure you that you will not be charged any single penny.

Yes, we get a commission but from Amazon’s side. Amazon.com has planned a certain amount of commission on every product. So, buying through our link means you are buying us a present that is free of cost to you.

Contact Us

Our whole team’s objective is to maintain a responsive and friendly attitude with its users and help them in making the right choice for them.

There are multiple platforms by which you can contact us. If you got anything to ask, feel free to message us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

That’s all for now. Thank you.