13 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$ in 2023 - Reviewed

13 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$ in 2023 – Reviewed

Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

13 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$ in 2023 – Reviewed

However, still, we’ve gathered an in-depth guide that will help you to choose one for yourself from the best laptops for video editing under 500$ the one for video editing under: 

We’re pretty sure that if you’re a video editor you can’t spend a single day without a robust laptop made specifically to done demanding tasks. Though the market is flooded with tons of high-priced laptops perfect for video editing, you don’t get many options when it comes to getting it under a limited budget.

Best laptops for Video Editing under 500$ 

1.ASUS Chromebook FlipASUS Chromebook Flip

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is from one of the best laptops for video editing for under 500$. It is a touch screen HD 12.5-inches display that can become a laptop and tablet simultaneously. With Intel’s Core i3 microprocessors you become worry-free while editing a video on it.

It comes with a RAM of 4G and an SSD of 64 GB. Not just that it has 4.0 Bluetooth capability that connects with other devices without getting dropped. 

During editing a video you can notice that your system is slowing down but that doesn’t mean that it remains the same while editing the whole video.

Because you can seamlessly render a video on it. With that said, it is an average option that you can choose from the list of best laptops for video editing under 500$. 

The touch screen is less responsive than the iPad to draw. All the other things are truly amazing. I’m a long-term Mac client, and it would appear that another 2.5-3x the MacBook Air with a couple of straightforward provisos.

The illuminated keys are truly useless because they are not dark and there is no differentiation with the backdrop illumination. The speakers are situated at the lower part of the case, which is fairly quieted. What’s more, it’s just as simple as that.

On the off chance that you have a 100% program-based work process, this is the ideal opportunity to truly think about utilizing Chrome. The speed, low force utilization, and battery life are inconceivably contrasted with a fully working framework.

  • Eye-catchy designnThe touch screen of 14 inchn4.0 Bluetoothn4GB RAMnLong-lasting battery timingnSlim displayn
  • Slow s down a little bit while video editing

2.ASUS Chromebook C202 ASUS Chromebook C202 

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

Need a laptop for video editing? Consider ASUS’s C202 Chromebook. it is a lightweight notebook that is only 2.3 lbs. which is suitable for traveling and commuting. It steals the show with its hinge of 180 degrees.

This budget-friendly laptop is integrated with Intel’s Celeron microprocessor of N3060; processes your video while video editing is not like high-end laptop models.  

Its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels that enhance the experience of watch visuals. It contains Intel’s HD graphic card with the1.6 GHz laser blazing speed and RAM of 4GB.

The 2 of 3.0 USB ports; enabling you to connect multiple devices with it. The unique feature that makes it prominent from others is its10 hours long battery life. The drawbacks of this laptop are that you have to use online software or applications for video editing. 

This thing is so astonishing. Pleasant keyboard, respectable screen, incredible webcam (mostly for use with Hangouts) Good speakers, quick. I watched around 4 hours of video on battery force and it dropped to simply 79%. The sturdy unit, exceptionally happy with the buy.

The disconnected stuff is likewise truly supportive as I’m not generally in where the wifi is and I can in any case chip away at my books. Since I use Google Docs to compose with it seemed like a characteristic advance.

Chromebook consistently coordinates Google Docs and most other significant applications as a feature of the reduced gadget, so it’s extremely simple to utilize and begin.

Another fascinating element is the light reach. My better half purchased a laptop a couple of years prior and planned to impart it to me (hesitantly) and I generally abhorred chipping away at it since it was huge and substantial and cool. This reduced Chromebook weighs nearly anything and is not difficult to convey.

  • Attractive design nExcellent Graphics suitable for video editingnPortable and lightweightnIt can be turned around as it has a 180-degree hinge
  • Great connectivityn4 GB RAMn
  • Can’t download video editing software,nProcessing speed is not suitable

3.Lenovo Ideapad 3Lenovo Ideapad 3

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

The Lenovo Ideapad 3 is a laptop that we have picked for you for video editing purposes; Its display is the combo of an HD screen of 15.6 inches, integrated with a ring structure that enables you to see the pictures, videos, and other visuals correctly.

When it comes to its processing speed, it comes up with a 3250U Ryzen 3 from AMD that allows you to complete demanding tasks on it effortlessly. 

It has a 4GB memory that seamlessly processes your video editing without any problem. You can also listen to the unmistakable sound due to its Dopoundsy audio feature.

Last but not least, it comes up with the latest five Wi-Fi and 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity. Not just that, it contains three ports for USB and other devices connectivity, a webcam shutter to keep you safe, a webcam, and a built-in microphone.   

I purchased a Chrome laptop and took it back to Lenovo. the cost is correct. I love how it works when I need to utilize it to accomplish something for it.

Yet, perhaps I’m one-sided – I’ve generally adored IBM (presently Lenovo) and another well-known brand. Lenovo likewise does exclude a lot of building devices. Incredible PC generally

Mother loves it, besides the rough trackpad, yet that is typical for most laptops now. The full-size keyboard permits her to type genuinely well, and she plays her Facebook games that don’t need streak (outdated at this point).

  • Listen clear soundn15.g inches screen n4GB RAMnBuilt-in mic and webcam and its shutternAMD Rayzen’s three microprocessor nIt won’t break your bankn
  • Its webcam is just OKAY

4.ASUS VivoBook 15ASUS VivoBook 15

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

Have a tight budget but still want to get a suitable workstation for video editing? Consider buying the ASUS’s VivoBook 15 as it has all the features you’re looking for.

If we talk about its display, its screen is 15.5 inches that provide a great area to see what’s happening on the screen. It contains the core i3 Intel’s of 10generation processor and 8 GB RAM. 

With a sleek look, backlit keyboard, and Ergolift design for enhanced typing, you get a finger sensor too. For the operating system, it runs Windows 10; however, to connect your devices, you get 3,2 Type-C USB, 3.2 Type-A USB, and 2.0 USB, but it doesn’t contain the thunderbolt three port.

Hello, it’s OK up until this point, however, I can return it since I was unable to buy a guarantee at the hour of procurement and I can’t get an agreement from anybody. Truth be told, the two gadgets were sent in exceptionally massive outer cases with no cushioning. So they would hop inside.

Fingers crossed this one endures. This is my subsequent gadget. The originally was bought in January 2023 and passed on 32 days after the fact. Luckily, I purchased the security plan.

My substitution showed up today and I was truly stunned at how packed it was.

  • Excellent micro processingnErgolift designn15.6 inches screennRuns Windows 10n8GB RAMnCommute friendlyn
  • Don’t come with a Thunderbolt 3 port

5.HP 14-Inch LaptopHP 14-Inch Laptop

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

We’ve picked another laptop which is HP’S 14. It provides excellent value at a cost-effective price. From performance to its 14 inch HD display, it gives the remarkable experience that a person can imagine.

With its 10th generation robust Intel processor, your video editing tasks can become much more manageable.

The camera is acceptable, not incredible, but rather adequate for video gatherings. He is alarmed immediately and doesn’t experience the ill effects of any back illness.

Regardless of what a few surveys say, this Chromebook is outfitted with a mouthpiece! Everything turns out great, the battery life may be better, however, we use it only for online gatherings that I know are depleting the battery.

I got it since it’s a windows PC and it has a 128G SSD. I got it to show kids on the web, and the zoom and video course work extraordinary.

I purchased this laptop for my child, it works incredibly, I will update the slam, later on, however, he adores it at present! The delivery was extremely quick and the client support I got a fraction of the time was leader level.

I would prescribe this machine to any individual who plays light games or any school work.

I had been utilizing a PC for quite a while, and needed to do a few updates, from the start it didn’t appear to introduce it, however after investigating I needed to physically choose the introduction. Everything fills in true to form.

I would suggest this laptop. I like the 4-digit autoplay and login include, which makes it simple to begin.

Love it’s ideal on the off chance that you are an understudy and it comes in the container with the charger

The storage capacity is also important. It has 4 GB RAM, which is great for video editors at the initial stage, but it’s not good for professionals. With a 128 GB solid-state drive, you the RIGHT one from the best laptops for video editing under 500$.

It can be charged quickly in just under 45 minutes and excellent battery timing of 11 hours. Only the drawback of this laptop is that it gets heated up while performing heavy tasks, 

  • Core i3 Intel’s 10 Generation processor
  • The excellent battery life of up to 11 hoursnEasy to carrynCharges quicklyn4GB RAMnBudget-friendlyn
  • Heats up quickly

6.Acer Aspire 5 Slim LaptopAcer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

Another option for video editing is the Acer Aspire’s 5 slim laptops. Thinking why? Let us explain to you how it is the Right match for your video editing requirements. It delivers the best performance with the double-core processor of AMD’s 3 Ryzen 3200U. 

With 15.6 inches of a full HD IPS display and Vega 3 AMD Radeon graphic card, you can’t ignore it easily. Compatible with Windows 10, it runs for more than 7.5 hours. You get the 16GB RAM; however, you can upgrade it according to your desire.

With a built-in GPU, the video editing tasks become more comfortable for you to manage. Due to all these specifications, we find it perfect that fits into your budget. 

I got myself a modest Celeron Chromebook a couple of years prior for around $ 150. Kid, this is a change. This gadget (even the least expensive m3 form) is a good option in contrast to your Mac or PC, and here and there it’s stunningly better.

This laptop is completely viable with Zoom and most other video conferencing administrations. You simply need to introduce the program expansion.

Gracious, and you can run Android applications as well, simply on the off chance that there’s something you can’t do in your program.

  • Excellent processing qualitynPortable and Suitable for travelnIPS 15.6 HD displaynLoads of value under budgetnSleek aluminum lookn7.5 hours of excellent battery lifen
  • We don’t find any cons because in this value it’s providing features. Likewise, it’s expensive rivals.

7.Lenovo’s IdeaPad 3Lenovo’s IdeaPad 3

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

When you have a limited budget but have tons of requirements, then we can understand how hard it is to find the one that resonates with you at a cost-effective price. Lenovo’s IdeaPad 3 has the 3500U Ryzen 5 AMD’s mobile processor for an excellent performance. 

When it comes to its sound quality, don’t worry. Its Dopoundsy Audio feature delivers the best sound. You can even connect your devices without any hassle as it has 3 USB ports and 1 HDMI for this purpose.

With 8GB RAM gives you quick access, and not just that, you can cover up your webcam with its web scam shutter to save you from showing up on camera unexpectedly. 

I required a hotly anticipated update, no illuminated keyboard, simply a LED for covers lock and number lock. I don’t have a touchscreen, yet there is an onscreen keyboard highlight, why I don’t get it? Be that as it may, concerning the cost … all things considered, it’s an acceptable incentive for cash.

The lady is contemplating writing and experimental writing. This laptop is ideal for her to convey. It’s smooth, light, and sneaks up all of a sudden! She cherishes it and invests a great deal of energy there, which gives me more opportunity to play! It’s a triumph! It’s an extraordinary laptop and it does precisely what I need to do. You can’t turn out badly with IBM and that is the thing that Lenovo makes PCs for!

  • Sleek look and designnWebcam shutter nExcellent processing speed suitable for video editingn1 USB port and 1 HDMI port for better connectivity.’n8GB Ram for quick accessibilityn
  • Mic and camera quality is just okaynKeys creates a plastic soundn

8.Lenovo Chromebook S330 Lenovo Chromebook S330 

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

Lenovo does not disappoint you when it comes to serving its customers. It’s Chromebook S330 MediaTek processors you get an immense experience of best performance. It is a cost-effective option you can’t ignore.

It comes with a stunning HD 14-inch display; it is also a 3.3 lbs. lightweight option you can choose.  

You also get cloud storage from Google of 100GB. You can also connect your digital device with it via 3.0 USB and USB-C ports along with a micro SD port. With that said, you can’t download any editing software. It provides excellent value at this low price. 

The solitary negative point is the webcam. Unbelievable goal and edge rate. Burden up a couple of dollars and utilize a superior camera. Else, it truly takes a great deal of significant worth. Nonetheless, the implicit screen is useful for protection.

The AMD processor and coordinated illustrations function admirably and will play Fall Guys and Roblox well. Try not to anticipate genuine gaming execution, yet extraordinary worth generally.

We purchased this laptop to supplant a little Chromebook. Since kids are “adapting electronically,” it’s significant that they have less drive and a greater screen.

  • LightweightnSleek designn14-inch displaynYou Got 100GB cloud storage nBudget-friendlyn’ Gives maximum value under budgetn
  • You can’t download programs on it!nSlow n

9.ASUS L210 LaptopASUS L210 Laptop

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

Want a slim and portable laptop option that is suitable for video editing? Then consider buying a laptop with the ASUS L210 laptop. Its HS 11.6 display is quite smart in size.

With Intel’s N4020 Celeron processor and RAM of 4GB, it becomes suitable for video editing. One of the great features that set it apart from others is its 180-degree hinge folding ability.    

I was extremely reluctant to purchase a laptop here, yet with my forties and school year kickoff I required it ASAP and it’s ideal. The lone protest I have is the battery life. Not awful but rather if you are hoping to watch recordings and perform various tasks, you can likewise leave them associated.

You become worry-free as it has the most powerful, long-lasting battery that runs for up to 12 hours. You don’t have to listen to the fan noise and have the sleekest black-lit keyboard.

Last but not least, it has the coolest number pad a person can imagine that makes it easy to insert numbers with no hassle that makes it perfect for a laptop for light video editing, 

Generally, I would give it 10 stars on the off chance that I could – particularly thinking about the cost. Extraordinary little composing gadget. I’m an author and required something straightforward without a ton of fancy odds and ends, whips and strings 🙂 This little Chromebook is extraordinary for movement.

It takes a touch of becoming accustomed to Chrome OS, however, once you do, you will encounter some extraordinary advantages for possession.

Google ‘Introduce Ubuntu on a Chromebook’ and adhere to the directions, and you’ll have a completely utilitarian Linux PC.

  • Thin and lightweight laptopn180-degree hinge suitable for collaborationnMore than 12 hours of excellent battery lifen
  • Not for heavy video editing

10.CHUWI Hero book ProCHUWI Hero book Pro

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

The Hero book Pro from CHUWI is the laptop that we have added to the list of Intel’s Quad-Core microprocessor N400 that delivers a seamless experience while performing tons of tasks simultaneously.

With Intel’s graphic card, you get a chance to watch the visuals, both pictures, and videos, in high quality. 

The battery keeps going quite a while and the keyboard is the ideal size, in any event, for somebody as large as me. 6’3’300.

The little – however beneficial thing – is that you presently don’t need to right-click; Instead, you just need to type with two fingers to address the words. It’s incredible for somebody like me who composes a great deal and needs a smooth out work process.

CHUWI has equipped this notebook with 8GB RAM and ROM of 256 GB that makes it possible to perform video editing tasks.

With a 14 inch display, you also get a chance to use its ports, such as the 2.0 USB port and 3.0 USB port for data transferring devices. Audio jack and a charging DC port are also integrated for excellent connectivity. Experience.  

  • Affordable LaptopnRobust DesignnDurable Battery LifenRAM 8GBnGreat Processing Speedn
  • NO keyboard backlight

11.Acer Chromebook 311 Spin (Convertible Laptop)Acer Chromebook 311 Spin (Convertible Laptop)

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

While using Chrome OS, thinking what you can expect from Acer’s 311 Spin Chromebook? Then let’s figure it out. It gives you offline access to the files saved in your Google drive.

Despite this, this is a convertible laptop that has IPS 11.6 inches HD display. It is equipped with Intel’s Celeron microprocessor that allows you to get things done efficiently on it.

Despite this, when you get Acer Chromebook 311 spin convertible laptop, you get access to extra storage space of 100 GB. Not just that, you also get the accessibility to 2 million+ downloadable applications from Google Store.

With that said, it has 10+ hours of robust battery timing and contains both USB-C and Type-A ports simultaneously; this is the best laptop to get started as a video editor. 

  • Convertible 2-in-1 featurenBudget-friendlyn10+ hours of robust battery timingnUSB-C u0026 Type-A ports for connectivitynAccess to 100GB storage spacenIPS HP 11.6 display n
  • Contains hefty bezel

12.ASUS Chromebook C423 ASUS Chromebook C423 

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

The ASUS Chromebook C423 is an attractive 180-degree hinge roundtable laptop that is super lightweight as it just weighs around 2.6lbs. With its aluminum finishes on display, you can’t avoid its attractiveness.

With HD14 inches of display equipped with dual-core N3350 Intel’s Celerons, you get enough video editing speed. 

You get quick access to the files that are due to their 4GB RAM. Additionally, you also can use the USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports for better connectivity.

Instead of windows, it runs Chrome as an OS. While using it, you don’t have to worry about its charging as it runs for 10+ hours, and you also get the chance to use free Google Cloud for one year. But the thing that bothers us is you can’t install video editing software. 

  • Affordable LaptopnContaining USB Type-A and Type-C ports to connect devicesnRuns great applicationsnEye-catchy display n
  • You can’t Install software for video editingnDoesn’t contain a display of 1080p nDoesn’t contain IPSn

13.Samsung Chromebook V2 Plus (2 in 1)Samsung Chromebook V2 Plus (2 in 1)

 Best Laptops for Video Editing Under 500$

The Samsung Chromebook is 2 in 1 that you can be turned in laptop and tablet whenever you want. It is only 3 lbs. which makes it super lightweight suitable to carry around wherever you go.

It comes up with a stylus pen that allows you to note introductory notes during meetings and classes. You can also draw the stuff you desire. 

When it comes to the webcam, it is a double-camera that clicks the snaps with the feature of zooming in and zooming out. While using it, you can notice that it uses Chrome OS.

When it comes to its performance, it contains Intel’s Celeron microprocessor and a RAM of 4GB. With 12.2 inches of an HD screen, it provides maximum value at this price and can perform the initial level of video editing.

  • Good performancenRobust battery timingnLightweight and travel friendlyn4GB RAMn12.2 HD screenn
  • It doesn’t contain a backlit keyboard

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Laptop for Video Editing


The topmost factor that you should consider while the one from the best laptops for video editing under 500$ is a microprocessor. Ignoring it will end up you with an insufficient microprocessor and waste your money.

The video editing software only demands a microprocessor with full processing speed with more clock speed and excellent performance for video editing.

The 8th Gen Intel’s microprocessor is the one you should keep in mind. However, if it isn’t available then, just go ahead and choose an AMD Ryzen processor without any problem. Though it can’t beat AMD’s proficiency, it’s the right choice when you’re out of cash.


The display of a laptop should not be ignored at any cost. While choosing a laptop, you should not expect a laptop with a 4k HD screen at cost-effective prices because always comes up with high-end laptops.

Though you should choose HD if you’re unable to then TN, VA, or IPS panels are the option you should choose.

Ports & Connectivity 

You can’t transfer visuals and various other files without ports. No matter if it is a USB, a mouse, or a connector, that’s why don’ forget to check out whether the laptop you’re about to buy has enough ports or not! Otherwise, you have to face problems when you need to connect any devices with your laptop. 

Storage Space

Their storage space is the factor you should not ignore. The extra storage is needed to save your video clipping that is later edited in the editing software. Imagine you’re transferring a video file to your computer.

But due to insufficient storage, you can’t connect the devices to transfer the files that result in frustration and waste of time.


We have provided a great list of the best laptops for video editing under 500$, from which you can choose. We understand how to find a suitable one, but you can get the desired laptop for video editing just by going through this list. 


Though we’ve listed a detailed guide, for a quick round answer following points you should keep in mind:

  1. 8 to 32GB RAM
  2. Intel’s microprocessor
  3. Portability
  4. Resolution etc.

What should be the Ideal RAM in the best laptops for video editing?

You’re just clicking to end the editing, but suddenly, your system crashes that result in unexplainable anxiety and frustration. If you have faced all this earlier, consider checking out the RAM system that can tolerate multi-tasking and can run hefty soft wares. The RAM with 8 to 16 GB is recommended.

A robust graphic card is the need of every video editor. Without this, you can’t be able to see the seamless graphics of a video you’re editing in video editing software. Though light video editing doesn’t require a hefty graphic card, but in long run, you will need a graphic card for seamless video rendering. The GPU also helps you to do your editing tasks quickly by shrinking the time.